About SANG

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  • 06/06/2022

Explore the attractive stories about the Old Saigon at Cochin Sang Hotel – an Indochine style accommodation located in the very heart of the city

Inspired by Ben Thanh Market with the fascinating sculpted reliefs on its four main gates. Cochin Sang brings the establishment history, the streets surrounding the market, also the famous historical figures to reappear almost perfectly. A harmonious blend of old and new Saigon, where every space reflects life in the stage of Indochina.

Every visit to Cochin Sang is a journey which you experience the historical period of the city, such as the wood furniture with banana leaf carving – an ordinary and simple product connected with life of the Vietnamese. The fresh scent of sugarcane juice when entering the hotel lobby. Warm color tone brings the reminiscence of nostalgia about the magnificent Saigon. The rooms are inspirationally named after the streets surrounding Ben Thanh market: Viénot, Schroeder, d'Espagne, Galliéni.

Outside of the hotel are the street stalls and vendors close to the modern and stylish cafés and restaurants. Shopping malls and entertainment centers are just a few steps away from historical attractions such as The Opera House and Notre Dame Cathedral – a perfect combination of the old and new in Saigon.

As a latest member of Cochin Hotels Group, Cochin Sang is situated in the center of the city, with delicate colonial architecture, cozy rooms, appetizing dishes at the restaurant, also the warmest welcome by the hotel staff.

Inspired by the Indochinese street names, culture and architecture, Cochin Sang brings the heritage of Saigon to life with French colonial colors and passion for evoking the past. In the hotel, valued guests could enjoy delicious dishes served at Sang Ký restaurant which focuses on numerous historical details. That is the way Cochin Sang would like to deliver all the moments from the past as they have never been known.

Our hotel is named after the word “Cochin” in the French word “Cochinchine” and “Sang” in the Vietnamese word “sang trọng” which means luxurious. Nowadays, you could take a walk around these streets to puzzle out those mysteries of the gilded past of Saigon, having every sip of coffee at a roadside café or exploring the up-to-date and uproarious city of Saigon.